About the artist duo Djeric-Hunold

Djeric-Hunold is a berlin based artist duo founded by the couple Dragi Djeric and Stefan Hunold.
Their work is never an imitation or interpretation of reality. It is always a dialogue between them and their material. Dragis poetical abstraction with Stefans precision form their sculptural work. It’s always a balanced act between poetic flowing thoughts and precise mastery of the craft, always trying to freeze the perfect moment of ease and satisfaction and keep it visible for eternity. Their art has already found lovers, collectors and new homes around the world.


“Normally paintings are composed of colours and shapes. We let ourselves completely dive in – in the process and our material. No colour, no predetermined composition. Just the two of us. We compose with our black material our own melody. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. But always free of everything. Our sculptural paintings are all shaped by intuition and trust. While creating we are completely in the present moment. No thoughts about the past, the future or the finished object. Just us and the process.“ [d&s]


About the Series “2020”
In the latest series from 2020 we try to focus only on our own intuition and let everything just flow — our thoughts, time and the material. As in nature, new unique textures are constantly being created. Intuitively we stop at a moment and „freeze“ a movement forever. This series is more emotional, focusing only on the material and on the inner intuition to find the perfect balance.


About the Series “SYMPHONY”
Linear textures inspired by music staves form the foundational components of this series. We let ourselves be inspired by the music, sounds, rhythm and harmony. Our tools acting as our instruments. Music plays with many principles of other art forms, such as pattern, balance and emphasis. With this works we rely on our backgrounds in both material production and scenography to reinterpret music with our plaster materials — essentially making sound touchable. Our work on this series is poetic and a culmination of senses.


Only If you experience contrast you will get balanced. In this series rough materials meets shiny brass. Fine feminine lines interact with massive surfaces. But the greatest contrast is created with your interaction with the object. Be in the present moment and take your time to explore and reflect, as the brass and texture details reflect the surrounding and the given light. Only when you move – dark contrast becomes visible.