About the artist duo Djeric-Hunold

Djeric-Hunold is a Berlin-based artist duo founded by the couple Dragi Djeric (*1988 Switzerland) and Stefan Hunold (*1987 Germany). Their artworks are always created in dialogue, with the aim of questioning, reflecting, understanding different perspectives and pointing out contrasts.  

Just like their approach and their process together, their works are also characterized by contrasts such as heights and depths, precision and flow, which become visible or blurred at the right angle of view. 

In this context, the black used by the artist duo Djeric-Hunold is essential. The colour black is the best starting point for them to see everything clearly again and to sharpen their focus on the essential. Black serves as a teacher, tool and witness and reveals the unsparing truth. Every movement is captured for eternity, but the point of view and the ambient light always changes the perception. This combination creates works that come alive with the viewer and poetically demonstrate that everything in life is temporary. The works show the duality of things with a simultaneous reduction to one material and one colour.




„Our art becomes a part of us and the black becomes a journey of growth.“

In our current works, we deal with the „I“ in an artistic-abstract language. Who are we, what is our essence, which contrasts dominate within us. 

In dialogue, we look deeper into ourselves, whereby our current works can be seen as a mirror of ourselves. The confrontation with the formless black is the confrontation with us. The deep black serves as a window and in the abstract forms and structures, one recognizes the flow or the force that prevails in different life situations within ourselves. Both states are always in harmony with each other. The black and the structures catch the light in a way that makes the artworks look different from every angle and at every time of day. It always shows a new perspective and a different result, just like in life.