Djeric-Hunold is a berlin based Artist Duo, founded by the couple Dragi Djeric and Stefan Hunold. The artist couple is best known for their monochrome black artworks that blurs the line between painting and sculpture.


They started working together in 2018, but have not published their works until 2020. While the first works from 2018-2020 were more conceptual and focuses on the materiality and techniques, the artist duo liberated themselves and began to focus on gestural movements in 2020. At that time, they started to publish their works. Already in a very short time they have aroused great national and international interest. Exhibitions followed in Germany and Belgium (2020-2021 / group shows with works by Gotthard Graubner, Lothar Quinte, Joseph Albers, among others) as well as duo shows in France (2022) and solo exhibition in Switzerland. (2021). Their works are held in private collections in Europe, Asia and the USA.


Djeric-Hunolds process is both intense and smoothing by following a strict routine. They are involved in each work together; one part acts as a conductor, the other as a performer. By focusing on the gesture Djeric-Hunold developed an unique way to communicate together as a duo, but also with the inner. Djeric-Hunolds focus is on the gestural act. For their works, the choice of materiality and colour plays an overriding role and is also a core element of their work. The artist duo has deliberately chosen a material that dries quickly and does not allow for retouching. Everything the viewer sees is the pure essence of the moment the artists share together. Their sculptural works are made in several plaster layers which are carefully applied, only the last visible layer is made in just one gestural move. The gesture happens out of the moment. The work is not complete until both have found their perfect moment and captured it for eternity. The traces that can be seen in the depth of the textures act as a reflection and witness of the present moment.


For Djeric, who has different types of synesthesia, all feelings and words have colours, shapes and melodies. The colour black has no melody of its own and thus symbolizes for the artist the ultimate stillness from which everything emerges. This is contrasted with Hunold’s inner conflict between flow and control and the search for the perfect moment. For him black (in this materiality) is the only color which hides nothing and reflects everything. With their almost symbiotic collaboration, they combine their interests into an overall Gesamtkunstwerk. Their aim is to explore experiences and their inner feelings through the gestural act. Although the final result always represents a harmony, the one moment, in the depth of the texture the black reveals every little expression the artists had it this very moment of time.


Their work is not intended to form an opinion but to trigger an emotion. There are references to lyrical abstractions and german informal artist like Hans Hartung or Karl Otto Götz, as well as the spiritual and musical paintings by Rhotko. The artist share interest in philosophical themes, which can be found in the works of Djeric-Hunold.